EWSDN 2013

The second European workshop on Software Defined Networks, EWSDN,  will take place October 10th - 11th, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

On the afternoon before, a tutorial / webinar on the use of SPIRENT's TestCenter inside OFELIA slices will be held physically in Berlin at TU, Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin, Room 058.


OpenFlow/GMPLS Workshop at FIA in Dublin, 2013

At the FIA Dublin 2013, OFELIA held a workshop with the title “(G)MPLS and OpenFlow: Interworking, Integrating, or Replacing?”

The workshop addressed network researchers and engineers with a certain background on MPLS and who would like to find out the relation of GMPLS and the latest buzzword SDN. Separation of data and control planes is common to both approaches, but the APIs are completely different (and orthogonal).

The workshop addressed the following questions:

  • Will SDN replace GMPLS?
  • How much use will SDN make of the software stacks that have been developed for GMPLS?



The European workshop on Software Defined Networks took place October 25th - 26th, 2012 in Darmstadt, Germany.

The workshop home page with detailed information is at

What makes an SDN workshop “European”? Traditional strengths of European research and development have been in optical transmission and wireless, especially cellular networks. The workshop emphasizes aspects of Software Defined Networks that come up when extending SDN 'beyond Ethernet'. In this regard, “European” does not mean that we restrict to a geographic scope, we welcome contribution and participation from all over the world.

One goal of the workshop was to bring together industry and academia on the topics of SDN, in particular the workshop will feature an “industry forum”, i.e. a session with presentations of key industrial players (manufacturers, telecom operators, ...).

A special session included presentation and discussion of the highest ranked proposals to the 2nd open call of the OFELIA project.


ECOC 2011 OFELIA Workshop


OFELIA held a workshop on 18th September 2011 in conjunction with the ECOC 2011 conference to give all the excellent proposals, that couldn't be supported by the first open call directly, the opportunity to present their ideas.
More than 30 people participated in a lively discussion at the workshop.
... more details, the list of speakers and presenations