IBBT’s virtual wall integral part of OFELIA enabling emulation of large scale OpenFlow test scenarios

Posted by on 10 June 2011 | 0 Comments

Another highlight since start of this year is the integration of IBBT’s virtual wall: For emulation of large scale OpenFlow test scenarios, e.g. for conducting scalability experiments, the shared IBBT virtual wall and wireless test-bed have become available to OFELIA users. Based on the Emulab approach and featuring 100 servers that can easily be interconnected in different topologies, the virtual wall allows large-scale OpenFlow experiments and beyond that, due to software emulation, it also offers an environment for experiments focusing on modifying/enhancing the OpenFlow protocol itself rather than being restricted to a single OpenFlow version. And, by interconnecting to the w-iLab.t wireless test-bed, which has a similar setup as it features 200 embedded PCs with 2 WiFi interfaces on which OpenFlow capable software switches can be deployed, OFELIA now makes another step towards more advanced wireless OpenFlow research.