Additional Island Available for Testing

Posted by on 20 July 2012 | 0 Comments

A new OFELIA island was integrated into OFELIA’s federated testbed that allows users to create virtual topologies within all OFELIA islands.

The new island is located in Trento (Italy) and has been implemented by CREATE-NET.

Create-Net is working on a new OpenFlow virtualization tool, called VeRTIGO (ViRtual TopologIes Generalization in OpenFlow networks). VeRTIGO extends FlowVisor capabilities in order to provide enhanced flexibility in the setup of logical topologies. 

Currently a first release of the software is available at and could be used as slice controller in all the OFELIA islands

The Create-Net island is now fully operational and can host user's experiments. The island consists of 9 switches (3 NEC IP8800, 2 HP Procurve and 4 NetFPGA) plus 3 server-class computers located in a city-wide facility.

For detailed information, please refer to