OFELIA demo at Open Networking Summit

Posted by on 20 September 2011 | 0 Comments

The OFELIA project was accepted to show a demonstration at the Open Networking Summit taking place 17 – 19 October 2011 at Stanford University.

The demonstration will show the live access to the control framework of the pan-European OFELIA OpenFlow testbed. OFELIA's scope is wider and more diversified than just offering yet another testing environment. A network slice in OFELIA consists of

  • Traffic sources and sinks (currently, Xen-based VMs or students’ traffic)
  • Commercial switches (partially virtualized through OpenFlow and FlowVisor)
  • Virtualized links (in project phase II links of dedicated bandwidth will be used)

The OFELIA demo as shown at the Open Networking Summit is demonstrating core features of OpenFlow and OFELIA:

  1. Dynamic creation of control plane slices suitable for deployment of existing or emerging control plane protocols and architectures for the Future Internet.
  2. Co-existence and co-operation of different control planes on the same physical network infrastructure including research and production slices.
  3. Dynamic creation of virtual machines for acting as data sinks and/or sources or for hosting control plane entities.
  4. Assignment of end systems and users to different network slices each controlled by a different control plane based either on user or network decision.

 Please also refer to http://opennetsummit.org/demonstrations.html